How long will solar modules last?

Solar modules contain no moving parts and carry warranties for a full 25 years. Solar technology has powered satellites that are still in service after 50 years.

Will solar improve my company's image?

Yes. Building a solar system shows your customers and employees that you are doing your part to reduce our country's dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Many customers are looking to do business with environmentally conscious companies and this trend will continue to grow.

Will I need to replace my roof to accommodate my solar system?

A solar system should only be deployed on a roof that has a significantly long life expectancy. A principal of Green Energy Systems is a commercial roofer and we will provide you with options to offset the cost of your roof improvement as well as provide the most competitive price for doing so.

Who handles the permits and rebate paperwork?

Green Energy Systems will handle all necessary permits and grant paperwork as well as all inspections throughout the entire installation process. Green Energy Systems will handle all the details to make sure your solar installation is an easy, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Is now a good time to buy a solar system?

Yes, there has never been a better time to invest in solar. Green Energy Systems uses the most advanced panel and inverter technology available to maximize your power output and financial payback. Investing in a solar system will drastically decrease your utility bills, protecting you from continuously rising utility rates. Generous government grants that are available now will not be around forever and will decrease over time, making this an excellent time to go solar.

How reliable is solar power?

Solar systems being installed today are extremely reliable. They have become dependable sources of energy for commercial buildings, municipalities, residential homes and educational buildings. These systems have been able to consistently and reliably produce megawatts of energy. Systems custom engineered, designed and constructed by GES are comprised of only the highest quality components.

Do I still need my electric utility connection?

Yes. When your electrical demand is greater than the solar system’s capacity to meet it, the difference is seamlessly made up by the utility. When the solar system produces more electricity than you need, your meter “spins backwards” and you are credited for the energy by your utility.

Can I eliminate my entire electric bill?

In some cases the answer is yes. The size of your system will be constrained by the size of your available roof space. In any case, an investment in a solar energy system is scalable. Its financial benefit is unchanged even if it only affects a portion of your utility bill.

In addition to increasing your energy independence, reducing your carbon foot print and adding a unique feature to your property, a solar system offers the following benefits:

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